What is Integral Worcester ?

Welcome to Integral Worcester !

What is Integral Worcester ? Well that’s a good question and one that could take a long time to answer but I will endeavour to answer as briefly as possible so here we go.

Let me start by asking you a few questions if I may.

Do you ever think to yourself at times that life seems so complex that you can’t make head or tail of it?  That you feel lost in a ever growing sea of conflicting opinions between your self and others, be it partners or work colleagues?

That even though these conflicting views are different you see the value in them but want a way to have better discernment between what is reliable and what isn’t ?

Yes ?      
If so then the Integral Model may be for you!  The Integral Model was conceived to bring together partial perspectives of reality into a comprehensive frame work which helps you understand how every form of human knowledge holds some truth about human reality.


So what is Integral Worcester ?

We are a small but rapidly growing community of people who live in Worcester UK, interested in studying, exploring and practicing the Integral Model as developed by Ken Wilber.

We feel this Integral approach is very important and neccessary for the world, that bringing together the best from all fields in a rigourous yet inclusive way is one of the ways to solve many of the complex problems that we as a species are facing today.

We are reaching out to any one from the local area interested to meet and explore this subject together if you are drop us a line at integralworcester@gmail.com and we will let you know of future meetings and events!




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